What to share on social media

What you can share with your audience on social media

Social media is such a great tool for your business if used correctly. Most of us use these platforms in order to bring more awareness to our businesses and services but one thing we forget is that there are often real people behind those likes and shares and we need to connect with them not only through what we do but also through who we are as the people behind these businesses and services.

Today we’ll look at four things your audience most probably wants to know more about you.

1. What you love about what you do.

Showing your audience that you actually love what you do is a beautiful thing. Maybe your job lets you work outdoors, meet new exciting people or work with Non-Profit Organizations. If that is something that keeps you excited and happy then you need to share those moments with your audience.

We often think that we only need to share completed works or works-in-progress but it’s those in between moments where you’re deciding on how to solve a client’s problem or offer better services that need to be highlighted because most of the people following you already like what you do and when the day comes that they need your services then it’s easier for them to approach you because you have shown them not only what you can provide but also how you work and the process you take in order to get to that final outcome.

2. What you love most about your life beyond your work.

We all have a life outside of the office, at least I hope that you do! And the great thing is that you can share whatever you like and as little or as much of your personal life that you’re comfortable with. Share your hobbies, quiet moments and even the crazy ones if you have them. If you like vintage stores and maybe that inspires the way you work, talk or dress then share it. Maybe it’s something as simple as organizing your week or day. Share those little hidden moments because they are full of treasures for your audience.

3. How you deal with the highs and the lows.

In every business and in everyday life, we go through highs and lows. It may be a client from hell, bills that keep on piling or days that just don’t seem to end. This is life and sharing this part of you humanizes your brand and brings you closer to your audience.

Sometimes I connect better with a person I follow on social media because they show me all the wacky sides of being a business owner or a creative person. From dinners gone wrong to kids who won’t sleep when work deadlines are looming on. This side of them is relatable because more or less, we all go through the same things and make the same mistakes and so it’s reassuring to know that we are in it together. At the end of the day, you want to build a community of like-minded people around you.

4. What inspires you.

Sometimes we find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. What may seem like one thing to someone maybe a totally different thing to another because heck, we all have different points of views. Giving your audience a sneak peek through your eyes is not only a new journey for them but also an adventure because they will also have fun interpreting things in their own unique ways.

It may seem daunting at first when we think about sharing more if ourselves on social media but you do get the hang of it when you share things that are meaningful to you and not for the masses. The numbers will come eventually but you want to get there surrounded by people who are supportive of you and what you do but also people you’ll like hanging out with in real life.