Lead magnet ideas for your business

lead magnet ideas for your creative business

Lead magnets have been around for ages and they’re basically free resources that you use in order to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter. Think of this as the stepping stone to converting readers into potential leads and then clients. There are so many lead magnet ideas to choose from but these are my top 6 suggestions for your creative business.

1. Free e-course.

We live in a day and age where consumption of material is mostly online. People with problems turn to the internet for solutions and if you can create an e-course that is so good that people ask you why you didn’t charge a price for it then you’ve done a great job. The aim here is to give the whole solution to that problem and more.

There’re a few platforms that you can use to create your free e-course such as KajabiTeachable and Thinkific. Other platforms that I love and use very often to learn new skills and are free to use for sharing your knowledge are Skillshare and Udemy.

2. Email series.

An email series is a great way to not only reel in new subscribers but to also cement your authority on the given topic. Mailchimp is my email service provider of choice because of this. You can offer a week-long email series or break it down into a longer period depending on the content that you’re providing. 

3. PDF file.

Checklist, cheat sheet, templates, swipe files, resource list, calendars, worksheet, planner. These are just some of the PDF files that you can offer as your lead magnet. Depending on your line of work or industry, research what the people search for the most. Maybe you’re a soap maker and you could offer a cheat sheet of different fragrance mixes or a resource list of all your favourite vendors.

4. Samples.

Video or audio clip samples of a course are always a hit. These can range anywhere from 5 to 10 mins long. Marie Forleo gives video samples of her copywriting course ‘The Copy Cure’ and its packed with information. Usually the sample should be a part of the solution to the problem.

5. Free membership sites / private Facebook group.

I love Facebook groups! There’s so much to gain from being a part of one and if you manage to create one for your audience then hats off to you! You help gather like-minded people on one platform to not only build up their businesses but also personal relationships within the groups. I’ve met some of my best clients through these groups and they’re worth creating for your lead magnet.

6. Quiz em.

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? By using one as your lead magnet, you not only bring in an element of education but also fun. Buzzfeed is known for their quizzes and this means more traffic to their site and thus even more subscribers to their email list (like they even need more!).

Which one of these will you use for your website?