5 keys to creating a successful brand

5 keys to creating a successful brand

It’s been said over and over again that a logo and other visual elements are not the only things that make up a brand. A lot of times, businesses think that just because things look good on the outside / visual side, then their brand will be successful. There are different components needed in order to create a successful brand but for the sake of sanity and simplicity, we’ll go through 5 key elements that you need to adapt in order to help you create a successful brand that all businesses want to achieve.

1. Be Authentic

We’re at a day and age where real people are more interested in who you really are and they’re smart enough to know when someone isn’t being genuine with them. Creating a successful brand means being open and real with your audience. Most of the successful women entrepreneurs that I follow share their hearts with their audience and this helps to draw them closer and become more loyal to your brand. Just to get an idea of what I’m talking about, there’s Jenna Kutcher; a photographer whose been able to shut down the issue of beauty and body shaming. She has been able to attract thousands of women to her because she share what everyone goes through in their own private life but instead of choosing that same route, she talks about her own insecurities, failures and successes in life which uplifts her audience!

Another example is Heather Crabtree who has continuously shown that you can not only be an entrepreneur but also a loving mother and wife who lives her life to the fullest on her own terms. You can do it all and have it all too if you set your mind to it. She shows us that it’s not an easy road but it’s doable. So be authentic whenever you share with your audience and let them connect with the real you and not a persona.

2. Focus On Generating Value For Others

While being authentic, create content that will generate value for your audience. Value can come in many different forms such as videos, ebooks, online courses, Facebook groups, membership sites and more. It’s a general rule that you should give more than you take. For example, if you make youtube videos every week that help your audience one way or another then when you ask them to buy your product once or twice a year, you can make more profit than if you continuously ask them for a sell. The focus should be on creating value for them and not on the final sell because that will come naturally over time.

3. Let your clients speak for you

What this means is to speak like a human and leave out all the scientific terms by the door. Be attentive of the words your clients use when describing not only their problems but also their vision of the future. This should be the language that you use when describing why someone would choose to work with you or buy your products and not the other guys. Always use this strategy when creating content that you’ll share on different platforms as well. The end goal is to have them know that their problems have solutions and that you’re the person to help them.

4. Be Consistent

After all this, you need to be consistent in order to build a successful brand. You can’t suddenly jump from one thing to the next. People are following you because Of a certain issue or topic but if you decide to do a 360 turn midway then you will definitely lose the hold you had in the beginning and these people will eventually lose interest in you because you no longer align or offer to them what they need. If you must diversify, then you need to ease your audience in your the new topic that you’d like to delve deeper into. But most of all, stay consistent with how you give out content.

5. Use testimonials

There’s power in a great testimonial. The fact that someone else is talking in a positive way about your product or service is a good thing. By using testimonials, future clients can see you through the eyes of someone who was in their shoes but has now managed to find a great solution through working with you. Be specific about the structure of your testimonials and even send samples to the client if need be but let them say it in their own words. After you’ve collected a couple, place them on your website but think of it as sprinkling a bit of glitter on a piece of art to make it stand out more and not dumping the whole thing on it.

Always keep in mind that you make your business or brand what it is so stay true to you.